A Grape Surprise

India 13-14 416

Smiling with Grapes

India 13-14 410While wandering through the streets in Kerala, I unexpectedly came across this part of the fruit market.  I love to stroll without a destination, taking in whatever comes into view. Seeing mountains of grapes piled in pleasing and neat arrangements was a surprise because I didn’t realize that this fruit was so prevalent here. I always associated Kerala with coconuts and bananas but not grapes. I don’t think that too many foreigners have visited this market and I got my share of smiles from both the vendors and other shoppers which is always a good sign, especially for taking photographs. And I had a few smiles of my own when I tasted the freshly squeezed grapes that got turned into the most delicious juice that I have ever tasted.

India 13-14 404



About ninagrandiose

I am based in NYC but travel regularly to India and Mexico. Both of these countries feel like home. In India I scour the country in search of fabulous textiles to incorporate into my clothing designs. I sit back and let the ambiance and wonder of India seep into my consciousness so I can be inspired to write about what India is for me. I bring a limited number of people to India on exclusive and intimate tours of my favorite hangouts. In Mexico I take in the natural beauty that surrounds me and dance the night away. I constantly give thanks for all this and am pleased to share it all with you.
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2 Responses to A Grape Surprise

  1. Pamela Arthur says:

    Oh, the grape juice, I can almost taste it. Love reading about your beloved India. Xx.

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