Where Water Comes From

Water Lines with River Washing

Water Lines with Soaking Laundry in the River

I kept tripping over the water hoses on the hill that leads down to the village center where I spend many months of every winter in a small, rural “pueblo” in Mexico. The hoses snake all over the hill and lead to our assorted water tanks. Without them we wouldn’t have any running water. If you haven’t spent time in a developing country, you probably haven’t given the source of your water too much thought.

In this village, if you aren’t on the main water line then you are responsible for providing your own water lines. There is no water company and no one pays for water either which adds to the chaos and mounting problems, especially among neighbors. The source of the water comes from two different rivers that originate from waterfalls above the town. The water lines are simple garden hoses, visible near the rivers in assorted configurations.

Hoses I Trip Over

Hoses I Trip Over

Rocks with Water Lines

Rocks with Water Lines

 Water Hoses Held with Rope

Water Line Hoses Held with Rope

More Water Lines

More Water Lines

These hoses are then connected to black plastic tanks placed above the houses in a very make-shift manner.

Water Tank with Oleanders

Water Tank with Oleander

Water Tank with Ladder

Water Tank with Ladder

While I’m there during the winter, the water is plentiful but when spring comes and the water levels in the river nearly dry up, we start rationing the murky water, eagerly awaiting the summer rains.

Village Life

Village Life with Water Hose

Though the day-to-day life in this village, along with its water supply, is more difficult than just turning on the faucet with a reliable and constant stream of hot and cold water than I  experience in NYC, living so closely connected to nature in this village reminds me how dependent we are on the bounty and whims of Mother Nature; a connection that I respect, cherish and miss terribly when I am living in the fast lane.









About ninagrandiose

I am based in NYC but travel regularly to India and Mexico. Both of these countries feel like home. In India I scour the country in search of fabulous textiles to incorporate into my clothing designs. I sit back and let the ambiance and wonder of India seep into my consciousness so I can be inspired to write about what India is for me. I bring a limited number of people to India on exclusive and intimate tours of my favorite hangouts. In Mexico I take in the natural beauty that surrounds me and dance the night away. I constantly give thanks for all this and am pleased to share it all with you.
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  1. ninagrandiose says:

    Thanks, Ed. Very glad that you’re there with me.

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