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In Honor of India’s Muslims

The Muslim people of India have always extended the same kind of hospitality, warmth and kindness to me as any of the other people of India. As their month of fasting has come to an end and they celebrate, I … Continue reading

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The Street Musicians of India

No important celebration in India is complete without a live band. Every one gets invited; I mean absolutely every one. In India, an intimate party is less than one hundred people. Most of these festivities take place right on the … Continue reading

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Men in Skirts or How I Long for a Lungi

My love and admiration for the lungi, Indian male version of the sarong, was immediate and all-encompassing and I started to wear it at home as lounge-wear . From its comfort and simplicity, versatility and multifunction to its unique designs, … Continue reading

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The Thali at the Annapurna Restaurant in Kutch

In India, the word hotel is synonymous with an eatery and it doesn’t have to include accommodation. As with so many names and expressions in India this is very confusing at first but after a while it becomes just another … Continue reading

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