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The Urge to Document

Q Water Pots India is changing with such astonishing speed that I find myself in a constant state of wonder. In the West, this sort of change is known as progress. And it is about life becoming easier. ┬áThere are … Continue reading

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That little has changed in over a month is distressing, disturbing and of course, inconvenient. The timing couldn’t be worse. This is marriage season that is a big deal in India and a big cash business, it is planting season … Continue reading

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One gets very good at waiting while in India. I feel badly writing anything negative about my beloved India but this situation is beyond comprehension!

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Thanks for the sympathy, though I have fared a lot better than most foreigners because I was in India before demonetization and managed to change back a large amount. I also have local friends who help me but the majority … Continue reading

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No Money, Not Funny!

During the first few days of “demonetization” we were all patient and thought that this disruption would pass. Most of us, myself included, had never heard of the term but in light of what was happening, it didn’t take long … Continue reading

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