The Mighty Coconut

Coconuts Drying in the Sun

The ubiquitous coconut holds an important place in the hearts, minds and daily life of all  Indians, eclipsed only by the king of fruits, the mango.

It is an essential ingredient in South Indian cuisine, featured prominently in the curries and chutneys of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Goa. Popular dishes like the masala dosa, wada and idli are always accompanied by a luscious, creamy, grated coconut chutney.

Idlis with Sambar and Coconut Chutney

The name of the state, Kerala, means land of coconut trees and is the largest producer of coconut related products. Cookbook author, Nimi Sunil Kumar, told me that by definition, all recipes that require oil in Kerala must use coconut oil.

Coconut water is a refreshing and cooling beverage that many believe helps to keep the body free from parasites.

Don’t You Dare

So elevated in importance that the coconut is firmly associated with nearly all Hindu religious rituals. The coconut is symbolic of prosperity, signifying the blessings of nature. Its white color represents purity and its hard kernel inspires people to do hard work. Devotees offer coconuts to deities in temples and celebrations like weddings often begin with the breaking of a coconut, symbolizing the removing of the ego. Fishermen offer coconuts to the sea in the hope of an abundant catch. Devotees break 108 coconuts at a time in temples that honor Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanuman. When broken and placed before the lord in such a way, it symbolizes the removal of negativity and brings out goodness.

Hindu Priests Paraphernalia with Coconuts

After this new understanding of the significance of the coconut in India, my enjoyment of a delicious slice of coconut cream pie is only enhanced and my admiration for this complex country and culture expands!







About ninagrandiose

I am based in NYC but travel regularly to India and Mexico. Both of these countries feel like home. In India I scour the country in search of fabulous textiles to incorporate into my clothing designs. I sit back and let the ambiance and wonder of India seep into my consciousness so I can be inspired to write about what India is for me. I bring a limited number of people to India on exclusive and intimate tours of my favorite hangouts. In Mexico I take in the natural beauty that surrounds me and dance the night away. I constantly give thanks for all this and am pleased to share it all with you.
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