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The Treasures of North India Tour

Travel with Nina is excited to tell you about an adventure to India this coming October 13 – 1 November, 2018 that includes everything that makes the north an unforgettable experience. No one leaves India untouched. Are you ready to … Continue reading

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A Veiled Legacy

While visiting Kolayat during the full moon festival, I took so many photographs that my head was spinning nonstop, turning in all directions. As always, it is the people who capture my imagination, particularly the women who were flattered by … Continue reading

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Full Moon Gathering at Kolayat

The car bounced along the road and the landscape turned barren and dusty; I wondered what I was getting myself into. Always up for an adventure, I eagerly agreed to accompany my host into the Rajasthan desert for a special, … Continue reading

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At the End of the Line: Kutch

Places that are at the end of train lines or are remote and difficult to get to are some of my most favorite destinations in the world and Kutch in the state of Gujarat is no exception. Over the years … Continue reading

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The Mighty Coconut

The ubiquitous coconut holds an important place in the hearts, minds and daily life of all¬† Indians, eclipsed only by the king of fruits, the mango. It is an essential ingredient in South Indian cuisine, featured prominently in the curries … Continue reading

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The Urge to Document

Q Water Pots India is changing with such astonishing speed that I find myself in a constant state of wonder. In the West, this sort of change is known as progress. And it is about life becoming easier. ¬†There are … Continue reading

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No Money, Not Funny!

During the first few days of “demonetization” we were all patient and thought that this disruption would pass. Most of us, myself included, had never heard of the term but in light of what was happening, it didn’t take long … Continue reading

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