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The Treasures of North India Tour

Travel with Nina is excited to tell you about an adventure to India this coming October 13 – 1 November, 2018 that includes everything that makes the north an unforgettable experience. No one leaves India untouched. Are you ready to … Continue reading

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A Lasting Memory

It was a beautiful, clear morning in South India. I boarded a local bus to the next town where I could easily tick off my long shopping list. I was grateful to get a seat as this route gets packed, … Continue reading

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Hindus at Prayer

Other people’s faith and devotion has a positive effect on my vague and wavering skepticism. I enjoy being around it; as if through osmosis I may absorb some of the joy that the devout manifest. This may play a major … Continue reading

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Crossing the River

The dilapidated ferry that I am waiting for to cross to the other side of the river in South India is insignificant compared to all the activity taking place around me. It is morning in this small port. Boats are … Continue reading

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Ringing the Temple Bells at Murdeshwar

Indians are loud and boisterous. This trait is woven into their psyche; I don’t think they even realize this as everyone is like that. I suspect that it stems from having such an enormous population; with so many speaking loudly … Continue reading

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Loading Ladders on a Cycle Rickshaw

My father used to say, “There’s a solution to every problem.” Indians think a lot like my father. Sometimes it requires brain power but more often than not, it requires muscle power and a lot of old fashion ingenuity. The … Continue reading

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In the Rice Paddies

As I know very little about the cultivation of rice, I did a bit of research. What I found is that I know even less about it than before! Apparently, there are many methods of cultivation and many conditions required … Continue reading

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