My Tours

Joining in on impromptu street celebration

Joining an impromptu street celebration in India

My tours to India are known for their intimacy, personal attention and ease of immediate cultural immersion without the hassles. Not only are you well looked after and all your needs catered to but every question that India poses is thoughtfully and expertly answered.

Throughout the year I also run short tours to Mexico City. With my profound understanding of the city, culture and language, you couldn’t ask for a better guide.

New York City
If your travels bring you to New York City, where I make my home, I am available to show you around my amazing city. As a licensed New York Sightseeing guide, my knowledge is in-depth. Whatever your interests are: food and shopping or architecture and history or the popular attractions, I am here to show you the best, make it easy, memorable and fun and even share some of the secrets of NYC.

Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have:


20 Responses to My Tours

  1. yeppalakshmi says:

    Hey Nina, I really like your blog. It’s thoughtful and homely!

  2. jellyjill78 says:

    Nina loved your blog. Loved your passion towards travelling. I too share the love to travel and explore varied cultures. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Blogging 🙂

  3. Gr8 blog with amazing pics..

  4. nehakumar7 says:

    this made me miss home 🙂

    • ninagrandiose says:

      I hope that it didn’t make you sad! That is not my intention. I have an India Obsession. When I am not there, my thoughts continuously drift there. Even with all of India’s many problems, there is no place like it!

  5. afnimoka says:

    Hi Nina, interesting blog, I know more from your story… 🙂

  6. sb2711 says:

    Where was this blog all this while? :O Thanks for visiting mine as it led me to this beautiful blog 🙂

  7. bonczek14 says:

    The picture at the top of this page made me smile ear to ear. So much joy! That’s what I love about travel, it brings so much joy! Loving your blog so far! Cheers!

    • ninagrandiose says:

      It is so true that travel brings joy but it also makes me very happy knowing that a photograph I shot or something I described can produce the same effect. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  8. Himanshu says:

    I am loving the way you have captured mundane life. Happy to connect with you.

  9. phorenyatra says:

    Thank you Nina for visiting PhorenYatra!

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