NYC Day Tours

Game of Chess

Game of Chess

1 World Trade Center

1 World Trade Center

When I am not in India or Mexico, I am  on the streets of NYC sharing my amazing city with both locals and tourists from afar. I would love to show you around. I can give you a walking tour of our various neighborhoods both in Manhattan and in the outer boroughs, expose you to the yummy side of NYC with a tasting tour, show you the highlights of our fantastic museums or maybe you want to know where to shop for the best deals in town. Whatever is your specific point of view, I can help you to see and know NYC better.

One of my most popular walking tours is my, Perfect NYC Day. You chose the neighborhood that you would most like to explore and I will map out a route that will include the best of that area, highlighting its past history and current trends,  the best shops and boutiques there, the best eateries both hole in the wall places and popular restaurants and the most fun cafes and bars and whatever else that neighborhood specializes in, from art galleries to parks etc.

I am a licensed sightseeing guide with many years experience. With my background in art and art history and a life time resident of NYC and an ongoing curiosity in just about everything, I am in an ideal position to enhance your visit. Please feel free to contact me:

Subway Station Mosaic   near Central Park Zoo

Subway Station Mosaic
near Central Park Zoo


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