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A Lasting Memory

It was a beautiful, clear morning in South India. I boarded a local bus to the next town where I could easily tick off my long shopping list. I was grateful to get a seat as this route gets packed, … Continue reading

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Farmer Woman

Part of the urge to document theme.

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The Urge to Document

Q Water Pots India is changing with such astonishing speed that I find myself in a constant state of wonder. In the West, this sort of change is known as progress. And it is about life becoming easier. ┬áThere are … Continue reading

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Hindus at Prayer

Other people’s faith and devotion has a positive effect on my vague and wavering skepticism. I enjoy being around it; as if through osmosis I may absorb some of the joy that the devout manifest. This may play a major … Continue reading

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Turban Appeal

There is something uniquely alluring about a man in a turban. It may have something to do with how for a westerner, they border on the exotic. For me though, it is how a turban has the power to transform … Continue reading

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A Hindu Procession

All over India, religious processions are common place. They are charming, entertaining and sometimes even emotionally moving. While doing errands in a small town in South India, I bumped into one such Hindu procession. I was on foot and there … Continue reading

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Crossing the River

The dilapidated ferry that I am waiting for to cross to the other side of the river in South India is insignificant compared to all the activity taking place around me. It is morning in this small port. Boats are … Continue reading

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